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Auto Insurance Basics

auto insurance banner

The basics of auto insurance are fairly easy to understand once you dive in and begin to do a little research. Understanding all of the ins and outs of auto insurance will take a little more effort but knowing the basics will allow you to know why we need auto insurance, common terms, coverage options, how much it will cost and where the best place to get insurance is.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

umbrella insurance image

A personal umbrella insurance policy is not just for the wealthy. It is for everyone who wants to protect their well-being or add an extra level of security to their home and vehicles. Not only is it a smart insurance decision, it can also be a smart personal finance decision by saving you money. 

Understanding Health Insurance

Diversified's health insurance

Understanding health insurance has become extremely hard to do over the years. Not only do our health insurance needs change over the years, legislation and insurance companies have also changed over the years. Many people just purchase the most affordable policy their job offers, but now it is becoming more important to understand your health insurance.

First Time Home Buyer Insurance

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Insurance for a first time home buyer is not always easy to understand. They don't teach us insurance in school and the only time we really hear about insurance is in commercials. Many people will tell you that insurance is a scam, you will never have to use it, or it is a better investment to save your money in case of a disaster then to spend it on homeowners insurance.

Car Insurance for College Students

College student

Car insurance for college students is sometimes a frustrating process to go through. Coverage can sometimes be confusing, rates can be high, and figuring out what to do can sometimes be frustrating. Whether you are a student or parent this blog will give you insights into car insurance for college students.

Back to School Device Insurance

device insurance quote

When students go back to school they generally go back with their brand new gadgets and devices. These devices are great to have for many reasons but are not always easily replaceable. Device insurance is a way to protect these devices when the worst happens.

Meet your West Virgina insurance agent

Jordan Osovich West Virginia insurance agent

We would like to introduce you to one of our top insurance agents in West Virginia. Jordan Osovich is a man who loves his community and strives to bring a superior insurance experience to its members. 

Diversified introduces Doctor Online 24/7

Doctor online 24/7 banner

Technology has brought us many great things but being able to get checked out by a through a computer or smart phone has to be one of the coolest innovations yet. With Doctor Online 24/7 there is no need to wait in a germ-infested waiting room, or get up when you are feeling really sick and drive to the hospital. You will have access to a Board Certified Licensed Physician from the comfort of your own home.

Renters Insurance for College Students

renters insurance for college students

Renters insurance for college students is not often discussed. Some individuals do not think it is necessary, some do no believe they have enough stuff worth insuring, but most simply do not know what is at risk or that renters insurance for college students is even available. 

What is Inland Marine Insurance and is it Needed?

expensive items

Inland Marine insurance, also known as a "floater" policy, is an effective way for one to protect their valuables. Originally, inland marine was created to protect items and equipment while in transit on sea voyages. Now, inland marine insurance allows individuals and businesses to protect valuable items without the hassle of going through their property insurance.

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