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Cyber liability and Social Media Cyber Risk

Posted by Zach Emly on Fri, Jul 20, 2012 @ 14:07 PM

The other night I heard a thump against my front door. When I got to the door I realized that someone had thrown a piece of history at my house, The Yellow Pages.

I will put this treasure by the phone and keep it until I start my first fire in the fireplace this winter. Who would have thought that this would join the Sears Christmas Catalog as a piece of Americana we will soon only hear about in History Books... well I guess more likely the history articles on Tablets.

I don't think I have to tell you but everything is becoming electronic. Our mail, letters we used to send are now emails or messages,   holiday cards are now e-cards, invitations are e-vites, even our once prized catalogs and yellow pages are being replaced by articles and search engines online. 

With so much more information and people online, criminals have another way of stealing from us or our businesses. The increase in technology brings an increase in cyber attacks, which is why cyber liability is an issue. 


The Struggle against Cyber Attacks

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Statistics show that roughly 60 percent of small businesses will close permanently within six months of a cyber attack. Are you and your company ready to defend against that? Most of us feel safe because the cyber criminals will go after the big fish. But since the big fish are hard to catch, doesn't it make sense to go after a bunch of  little fish. 

Unfortunately we are open to attacks everytime we are online for business or pleasure. We never know where or what a criminal is lurking behind.

Most of us do what we can to protect ourselves but is it enough. While there is cyber liability insurance for those of us who need to protect our data and also those of us that just have a website, but there is also some just plain common sense steps we can take to keep ourselves from being the 60%. Read more... Download "Cyber Security for small businesses"


The Cyber Risk with Social Media

LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp... you don't need me to keep going. This is a whole new universe that you have entered or soon will be entering. Thinking you will never put your business on a social media site may be riskier than having one. 

No matter what you are doing there are risks with hackers and online predators. Social media is no different. But, if you take some practical steps and ensure that you are covered on the cyber liability side (which has to do with your information or your companies personal information), then cyber attacks should be no problem.

The true cyber risk of social media is actually what makes the sites so powerful. It is the ability for one person to say what they want and have it spread to millions of people in a matter of minutes. 

You have probably heard of companies reputations who have been badly bruised because of an angry client's rebellion or an employee speaking badly about the company. 

*** For those of you who still are not on Social Media sites, remember that you have no rights to your name if someone gets to it first. If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter, someone else can make one using your name and say what they please about your company. Imagine every time a customer or potential customer looks for you, they instead read an "I Hate XYZ" page. Or worse, it could look like a legitimate fan page but the contents are nothing but someone bad mouthing your company, its employees, and its clients. 


social media cyber risk social media cyber risk social media cyber risk social media cyber risk


How to Prevent Cyber Liability and Social Media Cyber Risk

Like most everything else, prevention is usually better than treatment. Taking the time to prevent cyber risk will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. 

Preventing social media cyber risk can actually be quite quick and easy. Here are a few quick tips to help you get started:

  • Limit Social media admins. Figure out who will be doing most of the Social media posting and allow them and only them rights.

  • Create social media e-policies. Create one for how your employees can act on your social media page, how they are allowed to speak of your company off the companies page, and state what fans of your page are allowed to post. 

  • Only download apps that you are completely sure of. 

  • Avoid putting personal employee or company information on the site, this information may not be safe! 

Preventing cyber liability may take a little more attention but it is worth the time. Most of the steps of preventing social media cyber risk can be applied here but it takes more than that. The first step that should be taken is cyber liability insurance, because no matter what efforts you put in there is still a chance that your company falls victim to a cyber attack. (If it can happen to Zappos, and Sony it can happen to you)

Having an online storage system or a secondary back-up where your information is kept may be a good idea. Not only could a computer crash or natural disaster take out your computers but a hacker (or an employee accidentally downloading something) could give the systems a virus wiping your computers clean. How much would that cost your company?


Using technology should allow your business to prosper. Do not allow something that could be prevented kill your company's resources. 


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